Chestnut Pale Fencing

Chestnut pale fencing is our principal product, and we have the capacity to make up to 15 kilometres of pale fencing a week. A chestnut paling fence is strong, durable and difficult to climb over, it will last for many years and is repairable if damaged. Quick to erect, it makes a versatile temporary or permanent fence, which can easily be moved, re-used or taken down and stored. Chestnut pale fencing is also used extensively for dune stabilisation as well as erosion protection and stabilisation of riverbanks.

The rolls of traditional chestnut paling fence are made to BS Standard 1722 Part 4 and like all of our chestnut fencing products, are made with FSC certified wood.

The chestnut pale fencing is available in 5 metre or 10 metre rolls and in a range of heights from 0.5m to 2m, with either two, three or four wires. The spacing of the chestnut pales and the length of the rolls can be varied to according to the customer’s requirements.

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