Preparing your garden for the winter

As the summer months have officially ended and Autumn is gradually passing us by, winter is now setting in, and along with this comes the matter of looking after your garden and ensuring your fence stays standing through the gales, rain and frost that winter brings! Whether you are a keen gardener or not, preparing for the winter is something we all need to consider.

Cold, wet, frost and snow can often have damaging effects to your garden – and there are procedures you can put in place to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum, and your garden can be once again revived during spring. It’s best to start preparing your garden during Autumn, so that you are ready before the winter and you can minimize any potential damage from catching you unaware.

Protect your trees – During the winter, frost and wind can wreak havoc in your garden. A great way to protect your trees or rose bushes during the winter, and all year round, is chestnut paling. It’s an easy to install, cost effective and simple option to protect your trees and bushes from the elements.

Protect the wood – It is advised for most fences, to apply a protective coating to prevent any rot occurring that will lead to any damage and could make your fence unsteady, which is the last thing you want when it’s blustery outside. Sweet chestnut is rich in a natural preservative known as tannin, making it extremely durable, stable and resistant to rot. This makes for the ideal fence and requires little preparation for the winter.

Check your fences before – Due to the open structure, pale fencing is a very effective and sturdy construction, with the ability to withstand gusty weather conditions effectively. The material is robust and hard wearing, therefore you shouldn’t require any additional maintenance.