Pale Fencing Uses and Benefits

Pale fencing has many different uses and benefits Thinking of fencing the front of your house, garden, pond, farm or just looking to section off certain areas – the options available for fencing are almost unlimited. There are so many styles and materials to choose from, all of which have different benefits and purposes, and largely depend on exactly what you are looking for.

Here is a summary of when pale fencing can be used, and the benefits of choosing this option;

  1. Using pale fencing can be either a temporary or permanent solution to your fencing needs
  2. It can be used to secure your property
  3. To protect trees
  4. To protect animals
  5. To section off areas
  6. As an attractive, rustic feature in outside areas
  7. It is easy to erect
  8. Can be taken down easily
  9. Reusable
  10. Easily stored
  11. Can be spaced to suit your design and purpose for which your fence is required – if you require a fence to guard animals, depending on the size of the animals you can adjust the size of the spacing to suit
  12. Due to the construction of each post, it is difficult to climb over therefore a great security measure
  13. Pale fencing marks boundaries or areas without obstructing the view, still allowing for clear visibility
  14. Durable, economical and stable – making for an effective barrier where needed
  15. Aesthetically pleasing if you are looking for a rustic, natural appearance
  16. Amendable – if you are looking to fence an area that is not a simple, straight line pale fencing allows you to shape as you require
  17. Can be cut to size easily
  18. The material is robust and hard wearing