Chestnut Monkey ladder for a Dutch zoo

How to order bespoke chestnut productsWe say our chestnut is versatile, durable and sustainable but it is also Monkey proof!

It’s true, we’re not monkeying around. We are making the ladders to a special specification and they will go to Van Vliet, one of our chestnut stockists based in the Netherlands. They will fit in perfectly in the monkey enclosure at the Apenheul Zoo, in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

If you like monkeys then this zoo is a great place to visit where over 200 friendly monkeys roam freely amongst you, but watch your food!

How to order bespoke chestnut products 1As you can see from the pictures the chestnut stakes make perfect rungs and supports and look right at home in their new setting. We hope the monkeys have fun with our chestnut.

The benefits of chestnut for outdoor leisure structures are the same as they would be for fences. Chestnut is durable against rotting as it doesn’t absorb water due to its minimal sapline.

How to order bespoke chestnut products

If you have a special project and would like to discuss the options available we love a challenge. We have supplied (and built) for film sets, zoo enclosures and parkland protection. You will soon be able to see our chestnut on the silver screen in the 2016 film Tulip Fever, Directed by Justin Chadwick; with Alicia Vikander, Cara Delevingne, Christoph Waltz, Jack O’Connell.

Interestingly we recently worked on the remake of the film Tarzan but unlike the monkeys we don’t hang around.