5 Advantages of using Sweet Chestnut for fencing

5 Advantages of using sweet chestnut for fencing;

There are many different materials and options to choose from for your fencing requirements so which one will be best for you? Here we are going to narrow things down for you in a brief snapshot detailing the advantages of using sweet chestnut for fencing, and why you should choose this option.

  1. Appearance – sweet chestnut has a light, natural colour with a rustic appearance – great for rural properties, outdoor events, cottages and farms. It would also look great in a more urban setting, adding character and charm. The simple design of the fencing allows it to be versatile, suiting any environment
  2. Durable – sweet chestnut is rich in a natural preservative known as tannin, making it extremely durable, stable and resistant to rot.
  3. Cost Effective – due to the high durability of this material, it does not require additional preservatives, making it strong, long lasting and does not need to be replaced regularly.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – due to the nature of the material, sweet chestnut does not require chemical treatment or regular replacement, making it kinder to the environment.
  5. Versatile – sweet chestnut wood is ideal for posts and suitable for all types of fencing.